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Episode 5 – Lessons From Azerorth

Love it or hate it, WoW is super popular and there are a few lessons you can pick up from it. If you happen to love it, join “The Legions of Expy” on Kul Tiras! We’re a social guild of Dungeon Mastering readers. Whisper or send a mail to Ursine or Cortiere, I’ll make sure you get in.


6 Responses to “Lessons From Azeroth”

  1. Stormgaard Says:

    That was an excellent Vlog on how to cross-combine D&D and WoW! I’m a 4 year WoW veteran and 4e DM with a years worth of experience under my belt. I happen to run a blog dedicated to both my online and tabletop crew.

    I agree with all of your thoughts except for the very one at the begninning – that the Horde are the “Evil” side. While they have sharp teeth, technically, this is not true – and we can discover this by examining the structure of the game world, how it defines morality, what the player experiences from their perspective, and how all of these contrast with other game worlds.

    Lucky for you I have done just that!

    Of all my posts the following one “The Old Gods Did It” explores this most in depth.

    Also – if you read up on my DM’s Journal entries I do a pretty good job of following a lot of the lines of thought you laid out in the Vlog. There’s a HUGE amount of cross-referencing you can do between the two game systems. The framework for the background lore for both are almost indistinguishable in some ways as well (as far as the big picture is concerned).

  2. Carl Says:

    What a coincidence….I was playing on Kul Tiras until the launch of WOTLK.

    Is your guild Horde or Alliance? Or you created 2 guilds to cover both sides?

  3. Nicholas Says:

    @Carl: We’re on the alliance. Forgot to mention that.

  4. The Reaper Says:

    I think that this video is great! However, I am a guild wars loyal, and do not like WoW not only because of that, but also its P2P.

    On another note, maybe someone should host a WoW campaign or some other MMO. I myself am going to do a DDO-based campaign (without a 4e ebberron book!). Any low-level ideas?

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