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Episode 2 – Resurrection

In this second episode of Dungeon Mastering Videos, I discuss the social consequences of resurrection and some alternative methods for your game.


6 Responses to “Messages From The Other Side”

  1. The Reaper Says:

    I make it where 1. the PCs get ressurected at the end of a dungeon (when the other players get the reward) and 2. the ressurected players only get rewards from encounters they entered alive (and the final, quest-end reward if they entered the final battle alive).

  2. The Reaper Says:

    Ressurrection should be like in MMOs though, not reliant on PCs and NPCs, there should be a designated soul bind spot or shrine. These are good ideas.

  3. rzq1 Says:

    actully in my campain my players have to get the heart of a silver dragon to reserect charactor. the heart can only be used once. i let the player who dies use a charactoer the others meet shortly after the player dies untill his charactor comes(if he ever does that is).

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